A Love that lights my life

I remember the nights when I used to cry on my pillow and silently enduring all the pain and worries inside me. I never imagined that I have come to a point where I felt so alone. Then one day I woke up and told myself that I don’t want to be like this anymore – the moody kind of person who always pretend to smile even if she is not happy. I have to change myself and eradicate the sad emotions in my soul. I want to be happy and worry free. So I refocused my life to God. And now, I have never been this happier than before. The love of my dear Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ continues to shine on me. The kind of love I have felt from them lights my whole world and made me realize that life is beautiful and worth living. I’ve been through a lot in my life and the Lord has always been there for me. I feel so blessed to be loved unconditionally. Grateful for the gospel in my life. It has helped me changed my perspective in life. I hope we always keep in mind that there is always someone we can turn to and readily help us. Let us continue to keep trusting on our dear Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ who suffered, bled and died for us all. They love us always and forever.


It is how.

In life, it doesn’t matter how many selfies you take, how much money you have in the bank, how large your house is, how many cars you have or how expensive your cellphone is. Because in the end, it is how you made a difference to the lives of others; how you made others feel about themselves; how you made them happy; how you lift them up; how you give hope to others; and how you made them feel loved. #ItIsHow 🙂

Let us cherish each and every moment of our life! Stay humble, kind, and loving! God loves us and He is in every detail of our life.  Do not forget to learn to love yourself in order for you to love others more. Live, Love, Inspire! 🙂 ❤

hugs and kisses ❤

germie 🙂

“Life is too short not to be happy”

Life can be unfair to us sometimes but that’s not a reason to be sad at all times or to just give up.

I have learned a lot of things in my life and the best thing I have come to know is the knowledge that there is a GOD; a Heavenly Father whom I can always rely. Grateful to my dear Heavenly Father for his love and understanding towards me.

May we always learn to be grateful each day. To be grateful is to be happy 🙂 Stay positive in life and have the courage to face life’s difficulties each day because there is a GOD who will not leave us alone and comfortless.



Because He lives!

Knowing what Jesus Christ did for me and to all of us always gives me a feeling of comfort and peace. I am so much grateful for His great love toward us. Jesus Christ bled, died for all of us and was resurrected. Because of His resurrection, we will live again. Because of His sacrifice, we can find comfort, hope, peace and healing in our every day life.

Our life here on earth is not really easy. I’ve seen people struggling from different trials and I am no exception. Unexpected things come to us and we find it sometimes difficult to overcome it.

Our purpose here on earth is to persevere and endure in this life. I know that heartaches like sickness, tragedies and death will come but I know and I believe that we are not given burdens that we cannot carry; we are given burdens that God knows we can handle and that can make us strong and spiritually refined.

May we all come unto Christ! He is the way, the truth and the life! He will never let us walk alone. He loves us and He is always there for us.

Find more about Jesus! Learn more about him! So much is possible #BecauseHeLives.




“Out of place” is what describes me at the moment . In this world where technologies keeps on getting innovative and where social media sites are so pretty much used like Twitter, Instagram and the so popular Facebook, I started to asked myself the question – “Are my friends online really my friends offline?” I have 600+ friends on Facebook and 700+ followers on Twitter and yes, in reality is that I really don’t know most of them. I counted the names of my friends in reality and I only got a few real friends that I actually get to interact with almost everyday. I realized that almost 50% of my online friends in social media sites are not really the people that I can just easily talk with, like face to face. I also noticed that being addicted to Facebook and other social media sites is ruining our precious time.

Being hooked up to technology so much is keeping us out of focus to the things which matter most. Instead of spending our time playing online or chatting on Skype why not use that precious time to keep someone or the people we love happy offline and real time?

The more often we spend the precious moments together with the people we love, the more happiness we can attain. We can also use our time to help someone in need. We can visit the sick, feed the hungry, donate to charity, do volunteer work, teach and share God’s words and so much more. I challenge myself and you who’s reading this to unplug yourself online and start to do things which is of more value of our time. May we truly see what is really important and focus on the things which matter most.

Farewell, furry friend!


Some people will never understand why a cat lover and pet owner like me is grieving of her cat who died of liver disease and cardiac arrest.

You’ll never know the joy of having a pet if you don’t have one and you’ll never know the pain of losing a pet if you don’t have one.

I easily fell in love with this Siamese baby kitty since the day she was brought to our home. I automatically proclaimed her as my baby and named her “Chi Chi” (Goku’s wife in Dragonball anime).

So, why I am blogging about this? I want to inform you, my readers that animals like my lovely cat has a special place in my heart. Joy and love has always been present in all the days of my life with my baby Chi Chi. She’s so sweet and lovable. Sometimes, I would be awaken by her purrs and sweet kisses at night then she would massage me on my arm or just simply scratch her favorite soft blanket beside me.

I am blessed to have a cat like her and I am thankful for the bond that we shared for almost 5 years & 7 months. She’s been my furry companion and friend who would never complain whenever I talk to her about my problems (of course, she can’t understand a thing about what I’m saying) and she will look at my face with big blue eyes whenever I cry. Her purrs and her presence (“for just simply being there”) takes my stresses away and gives me joy.


I know that my pet is somewhere happy, pain-free and chasing butterflies. I miss her so much and still cry every time I remember her. She left an imprint in my heart that will never be forgotten. I know it is hard but have to accept that she is gone now but it is not forever. I know there is a special place for them that other people call “rainbow bridge” where our beloved pets who have died are there and playing. I know they’re missing our companionship and they can’t wait to see us again.

So, I hope every pet owners will give their full attention, love and care to their pets. They may not have a long life span like us humans but we should let them feel the joy, love & how wonderful life is, having them around.  I salute all animal lovers out there! Say no to animal cruelty! Treat everyone with love and care 🙂

Have you done any good today?

photo credit: Mormon Channel.org

Doing good to others and finding opportunities to help those in need brings joy beyond measure in our hearts and a blessing from above.

It feels great to be of service to others. I am thanking GOD for always giving me opportunities to help others and lift their burdens in my own simple ways. I care because I love. It feels good to have done something good today!